Don Parr, TN State Representative

State Representativefor giles and
lawrence counties


don Parr

I was born in Giles County. My father, Will, and my mother, Arnita, lived near Bodenham in Giles County much their lives. He was a farmer and mechanic and she was a restaurant cook. Both of them had to quit school to go to work at a very young age....

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  • Job Growth True job growth comes from a business friendly environment. A business friendly environ-ment is created by cutting government waste, lowering taxes and unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit that has made our great country what it is today.
  • Education Young people deserve a more efficient and high quality edu-cation system that teaches skills necessary to succeed in life.
  • Lower taxes, less government Government serves the people and should be as small as possible. More government requires more taxes. Less government means lower taxes for everyone.