Right to bear arms

It is our constitutionally guaranteed right and my view on this issue is simple:
"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns"

In focus

Jobs and the economy
Lawrence and Giles Counties have unem-ployment rates higher than both state and national averages. Both counties have lots of empty buildings in their industrial parks. The work force is here. But very little is happening in both counties with regard to job growth.

The cost of doing business needs to be lower here, in District 70, than it is elsewhere to grow and attract business. Tax incentives, less regulation and a smaller more service oriented government will provide the environment for job growth. Once elected I will work for this to happen. My lifelong experience as a small business owner/operator qualifies me greatly to make a contribution in reaching this goal.

Less Government
Government is a necessity, but it has a tendency to grow out of control unless citizens and elected citizens limit its size and its involvement in our everyday lives. Government needs to be service oriented, lean and efficient and operate with the least amount of regulations possible. Lean government also means taxes can be lowered.
Children today must be taught a sufficient level of reading, writing, math and science to function in our demanding high tech society. We in Tennessee are ranked 44th in the nation in academic achievement of the students. However, Tennessee's teachers are ranked among the top ten in the nation. What is the reason for this apparent disconnect? The overwhelming majority of teachers says one big reason is administrative paper work. A good education system will give us a competive edge in attracting and growing industries compared to other locations. The vocational schools and colleges in district 70 need to be fostered because they make a large contribution to a well educated work force.